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"There’s a common theme in everything Ralf Madi creates connectivity. Madi’s undeniable talent is the original way he sees people and the world around him. As a self-made success — entrepreneur, event curator, club owner, restaurateur and investor — he built his career on his love for bringing people together through curated experiences."

current projects

Morabito Art Villa

Architecture and interior designed by French, Paris based jeweler Pascal Morabito, MORABITO ART VILLA is the perfect mix of contemporary and ancient works of art. It's a unique estate in Bali. Attention to details that makes MORABITO ART VILLA the preferred choice for top luxury accommodation in Bali, executed with truly unmatched in terms of quality and style.

marafiki safari

Explore Kenya's wildlife through game drives, horseback riding, bush walks, conservation tours and exclusive parties. Every guest contributes valuable dollars towards protecting Kenya's unique wildlife and incredible wildlife cultural diversity. Each safari edition is slit between two locations, one being community owned land and the other on Borana Conservancy.

Tmrw Tday

Tmrw.Tday is the bridge to soulful connections and a guide to live a meaningful purpose driven life. A community of like-hearted souls that gather to illuminate and illustrate a conscious way of being through real life connections. It’s an eco-system developed through our holistic travel experiences, online conscious lifestyle programs and capstoned by our eco-village.


In the middle of our coffee and clove plantation we built wood decks where we installed big tents inspired by the glamping trend. You’ll go to bed to the sound of the river and wake up with a view! Featuring a mindfully crafted workspace it is the perfect den for creative endeavors. It is also well suited to romantic escapes equipped with an outdoor bathtub, an inclusive minibar and plenty of space to lounge around.

The Little Boutique Hotel

A charming hotel 20 meters from the beach and just steps away from the Morabito Beach Club. The hotel is composed of spacious and bright rooms that offer all the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay. The rooms are tastefully decorated in a modern and elegant style, with soft and soothing colors.

Petty Cash

Petty Cash is a neighborhood social house on the corner of Portland & Adelaide in the heart of Toronto. It offers the best comfort food on King Street packing a ton of flavour! At night, Petty Cash turns into one of the best parties in Toronto, boasting great music, and a fun and friendly staff pouring all your favourite drinks.

Century Room Toronto

Century Room is the notorious night spot where great music, beautiful people and an amazing vibe can always be enjoyed. The look and feel of Century Room is rich, sexy, comfortable and fun! From private events, international DJ's, celebrity sightings, corporate functions or simply dancing and lounging.

More projects Underway

“I create families. Family doesn’t just have to be blood. You can create a family. I think it’s such a new world now. Go and create your family.”

past projects

Villa Bella Vita

Located on Turtle Cove in Turks & Caicos, Villa Bella Vita is a luxurious haven nestled amidst the serene beauty of the Caribbean. This stunning 10-bedroom villa, built from the ground up, stands as a testament to exquisite architecture. Villa Bella Vita offers a true tropical paradise experience.

The Velvet Room

The Velvet room is a hip new spot in Bali, hosting weekly events. Known for their performances, awesome line-ups among renowned local DJs as well as international talents brings an unique mash-up of old & new school beat of hip-hop music delivering a fresh flavor to stylish dance floors.

Century Room Bali

The hottest new club and event place in Bali, located above The Velvet Room. Notorious for their Electric Saturday events. Century Room’s rich and sexy design provides an experience like no other. The club is located on top of The Velvet Room.

Ours Spa.

Our Spa is a tranquil place designed to recharge your energy and spirit fully. Relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with a range of exquisite services, including manicures, pedicures, eyelashes, brows, facials, hair treatments, and, of course, invigorating massages


An ideal place to enjoy with friends or to have a romantic dinner, ours is a combination of Balinese and Scandinavian architecture, creating a rustic but yet sophisticated space, surrounded by the best beaches that Bali can offer. With a unique and authentic style, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, creating an explosion of flavours.


An artful combination of Mexican spirit and Japanese elegance, Tabu is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that places community and contemporary beauty at the heart of everything. In the evening, the candles are lit and a soft glow illuminates proceedings, creating a remarkable atmosphere unlike anything else. Admire the evening from this particular vantage point.

BPM Festival

The BPM Festival, which stands for “Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians” was created in 2008. A must for any music lover with a discerning taste for quality underground dance music, BPM parties were hosted during the day and night at multiple venues throughout the beach resort town.

Digital Dream

Digital Dreams was an electronic dance music (EDM) festival that he helped create.It featured four stages with internationally-renowned EDM artists and stunning art and visuals. The festival was a huge success and helped to put Toronto on the map as a major destination for EDM fans.

Hammam Spa

Drawing inspiration from ancient Eastern spas, Hammam Spa by Céla is a rare and remarkable place. Indulge in a range of transformative treatments inspired by ancient rituals designed to balance the physical, sensorial, and emotional responses which contribute to overall health and wellness.

Void Mykonos

Void was considered one of the largest and best clubs in Mykonos. It’s minimal design was created to bring together both past and future design languages. Having had 3 sections to choose from, Level 1 (dancefloor/bar), Level 2 (tables), Level 3 (booth).

Maison Mercer

Maison offers the finest in social gatherings and entertainment and is the ultimate destination where music, atmosphere, sophistication and service remain the focal point of your experience. DJs spin house & techno in this spacious multilevel club with a rooftop terrace & LED lighting.

Portland Variety

Portland Variety was a very popular brunch spot in the Fashion District on King Street West, Toronto. It’s a friendly, open concept restaurant, which as the sun sets, transforms into an intimate candlelit space. Perfect for a variety of meals from your morning coffee run, your business lunch to your romantic dinner date.


"Madi’s life story highlights, more than ever, that finding connection, sharing knowledge and nurturing your family aren’t defined by blood. The legacy Madi has created goes past his business accomplishments. He set out to create exactly what he said he would do: a family larger than he could have ever imagined that has deep roots spanning the globe."
- Dolce
“I’m always helping people out, even if it’s my competition. I do things without needing something in return; I’ve always done that. It’s about positive energy and karma. I’m living proof of good karma, because everything came back to me.”
- Ralf Madi
"There’s a common theme in everything Ralf Madi creates: connectivity. Madi’s undeniable talent is the original way he sees people and the world around him. As a self-made success — entrepreneur, event curator, club owner, restaurateur and investor — he built his career on his love for bringing people together through curated experiences."
- Dolce
"Outgoing and uber-friendly, Madi’s connections of friends and family span the globe."
- Dolce
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